The Austin edition of NSIDE magazine partnered with the folks (or with the ladies, really) of, an events website, to publish a special interview series with “Do 512 All-Stars.” We were thrilled to be asked to be a part of it this time around, and to get a chance to talk about some of our favorite people, places and projects in Austin.  The article can be found HERE, and since I think the link may break at some point, I’m pasting the whole thing below.


Do512 All-Stars

Michu Benaim and Lope Gutiérrez-Ruiz
Founders and Editors at The Gopher Illustrated

Bio: We’re the editors of The Gopher Illustrated. We work to provide high-quality platforms for emerging talents in the visual arts, literature, design and journalism from around the world, chiefly through the print and online editions of the magazine. Another outlet [is] the various “Gopher Projects,” which include a series of events in collaboration with Austin-based artists and projects, exhibitions, booklets and whatever other idea decides to invade the studio.

Favorite restaurant: We’re a bit obsessed with East Side King at the Liberty Bar. Beets and chicken, we knew you not until that truck came along.

Best weekday hangout spot: The rooftop at Arthouse is open to members on Wednesday evenings. Sometimes they have a bit of music or something, but it’s an unbeatable view from a gorgeous building.

Best coffee in town: Caffé Medici on West Lynn. It’s close to the studio, and they have these Stonehenge-y looking “chairs” on the outside.

Best Friday night: … is every Friday night? Dinner with friends and maybe catching a movie or a show around town.

Most anticipated event this fall: For the temperature to fall enough to be able to walk around pleasantly again. On that note, the Texas Book Festival, Austin Film Festival and East Austin Studio Tour are fun. We’re also launching our design studio, In-House. It appears that we’re looking forward to many things this fall!

If you could talk about one project or organization you’re passionate about in Austin, what would it be? We’re very passionate about a few arts organizations around town that take creative risks on a regular basis. The Fusebox Festival and Teleportal Readings come to mind. We’re also big fans of Champion, a downtown gallery featuring both local and international contemporary work that is often exciting.

Credits: Do512 All-Stars
Written by: Megan Alexander
Issue: November 2011 | NSIDE Business