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Translation is simple nowadays, right? Surely Babelfish and English-Spanish dictionaries make the whole thing a breeze? Wrong. As writer Paul Valéry famously says, “Fidelity to meaning alone in translation is a kind of betrayal.” Translation is indeed problematic when full and native familiarity with linguistic customs that encompasses every element, from the basics of grammar to the subtleties of humor and praise. Listed below are types of translation work that I’ll take on, along with some samples of my work. All my translation work is English to Spanish or Spanish to English.

    • Professional Documents: Résumés and CV’s, Cover Letters, Proposal Documents, Business Plans, Presentations.
      • Sample for Download
    • Academic Documents: Curriculum translation, Grades/Report Card translation, Recommendation Letters, Work Samples, Essays for publication, Grant Applications. Please note that any translation work for academic submission will be faithful to the source material. Whenever translating third party material such as recommendation letters, you should clear it with the person who is writing the recommendation first, and remember to have them review and sign any material before you send it. (Please note that I am not a Notary Public, and therefore cannot notarize any documents.)
    • Literary Translation: Short stories, fiction, essays, some (but not all) poetry work:


If there’s something I have not listed and you think that it might fall within my scope of work, please feel free to contact me.